VPN Gratis dan Beberapa Fitur Unggulan Opera Browser

Opera Browser

Aplikasi browser yang tersedia di semua perangkat seperti Komputer Windows, Mac, Smartphone Android, iOS, dll. "Fast, secure, easy-to-use browser" selogan dari aplikasi satu ini. Berikut HadaCircle akan merinci kelebihan dari Opera Web Browser untuk Komputer Windows (Perangkat lain memiliki fitur sama), seperti fitur built-in ad blocker, battery saver dan free unlimited VPN.

(Opera Browser for Windows Computers)

Free VPN in Opera browser. Surf the web with enhanced privacy.

Would you like better privacy when you surf the web? Opera is the first major browser to integrate an unlimited, free VPN. So, you can focus on the content that matters, with less worry.

Free, unlimited, no subscription required
Enhanced online privacy should be available to everyone. Our free VPN is built right into the Opera browser. You don’t have to download VPN extensions or sign up and pay for VPN services.

Opera Free VPN

Works out of the box
To activate the free VPN in Opera, go to the browser settings and check the Enable VPN box in the Privacy and security section. You’ll see a button in the browser address field where you can adjust VPN preferences, turn the feature off and on, as well as see stats on data used.

Alternatively, you can choose to use the VPN feature in private windows only. Just open a private window, hit the VPN button in the address field and just click ‘Enable’.

Opera Free VPN

Messengers in the sidebar

Full web versions of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are now nested in your sidebar to the left of the browser, providing easy access to your ongoing conversations while browsing the internet.

Opera Messenger Sidebar

New ad blocker - Built into the Opera browser.
No add-ons. More browsing speed.

Tired of heavy online ads and slow browsing? Opera will speed you up on the web and make sure ads don’t distract you from what matters. Try the first major browser to integrate an ad blocker – no need for add-ons.

Opera Ad Blocker

Opera Ad Blocker

News reader in the Opera browser:
Get your personal newsfeed

Want to explore the latest news in one place instead of scanning through dozens of websites? Get Opera – a browser with a news reader built right into the start page. Add the sources you prefer and personalize your news feed to read what is most relevant.

Opera Personal News

Built-in currency converter in the Opera browser.
Take your shopping cart on a trip around the world.

Opera is the first major browser to add built-in currency conversion, allowing you to keep track of your online spending in your own currency, regardless of the store’s location.

Opera Currency Converter
Free currency conversion on the fly
Shop at online stores around the world without worrying about nasty surprises on your credit card bill. Opera’s built-in currency converter supports 32 currencies with rates updated daily based on values from the European Central Bank.

Built into the browser you love
You don’t need to do anything to get the currency converter working; it’s already there in the latest version of Opera for computers. All the calculations are done by your own computer, so your privacy is always protected.

Simply select and convert
Select any price and Opera will automatically show the converted amount in your local currency. You can easily change your base currency in the browser settings.

Opera Currency Converter

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