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Who we are? Read Our Story

When our founder was traveling through the rural areas of Indonesia in 2005, he was confronted with the lives of street children. Moved by the harsh conditions under which they grow up and their lack of any opportunity towards a better life, he decided to make a difference.

Together with his childhood friend he founded the Peduli Anak Foundation on the remote Indonesian island of Lombok. They bought 1.5 hectares of land in the middle of the rice fields and started to build a project area with shelters, schools and medical facilities from scratch. Currently, almost 10 years later, Peduli Anak employs almost 60 local staff and provides residential care, family care, medical and healthcare services to hundreds of underprivileged children. We were happy to see that over time the foundation became the example in Indonesia with regards to operating charity organisations.

Lombok (Main Office & Project)
Jalan Dharma Bakti, Langko, Lingsar
Lombok Barat, NTB 83371
+62 370 6171993

Jakarta (Representative Office)
KMO Building, 6th Floor
Jalan Kyai Maja 1, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12120

Netherlands (Representative Office)
Dorpsstraat 4
5298 CB Liempde
The Netherlands

What we do? See Our Programmes

After School Activities
Our after school activities are ranging from sports, arts to foreign languages. Children of Peduli Anak and from the villages nearby can join these activities in the afternoon or weekends such as computer, English class, swimming, football, running, sewing, arts and handicrafts, music class, and many more. In addition, our volunteers also organize unique activities like hairdressing, yoga, Mandarin class, cooking, and so on.

Family Care
Children end up on the streets for various reasons. Often, parents cannot afford food, education and medical care. Socio-economic and other factors make it hard for parents to create the ideal home environment, forcing children into child labor or onto the streets.

The Peduli Anak’s Child and Family Welfare Programme aims to support disadvantaged children and their families by allowing children to focus on education. Parents also receive training, counselling and supervision to help them keep their children at home.

Peduli Anak, endorsed by the Directorate General of Child Rehabilitation and Social Services, works closely with the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs in promoting primary education and family care for underprivileged children. We are the first NGO in West Nusa Tenggara province to participate in the nationwide Child Social Welfare Programme.

Family-Based Care
In the beginning, Peduli Anak provides shelter homes for street children, high-risk and neglected children, orphans and abused children. These big homes are occupied by 20-48 children with 2 counselors in each house at all times. The homes are designed to give them a safe, structured, relaxed and home-like environment.

Based on our experiences on the field and in our children homes, we have learned that a child grows and develops optimally in a small family setting. We wish to build homes that nurture families and we call it family homes.

Beginning in 2018, we’re shifting from the big shelter homes to family-based homes. We’re building now new family homes for smaller group of children, max. 12 children in one house. In the family homes, children will live in smaller groups and will be taken care of by a mother figure, thus mimic a real family environment.

With this new living arrangement, we can help children who have experienced trauma and troubled past from being overwhelmed by the thoughts and feelings of the past. This will be the start of our new concept, family-based care, and long- term plan in giving more attention and love to our children.

We believe by providing our children a safe home, healthy life, quality education and most importantly love, we encourage them to develop to their full potential and work towards positive changes in their life and others’.

Primary School
Education plays a very important role to forever change the life of our children. Unfortunately, primary education is not completely free for all. There are still a great number of children who cannot go to school because their parents cannot afford to buy school materials and uniforms. Besides that, many public schools in rural areas lack of qualified teachers and facilities. All of this put a delay in students' progress.

Based on those reasons, Peduli Anak decided to build its own primary school where children in Peduli Anak and children from poor families could have access to good education free of charge. From books, lunches to enrichment program, we provide everything for the students in Peduli Anak Primary School. The Koper family from The Netherlands sponsored the school building in 2009 and since then has partially supported the school operational. In 2010, the Indonesian Minister of Education and the Governor of West Nusa Tenggara province inaugurated Peduli Anak Primary School. Two years later, the school is nationally accredited with grade A. In 2015-2016 school year, the number of students is 56, in which 20% of students comes from the neighboring villages. The school employs 10 staff with occasional help from volunteers.

Helping Children in Indonesia

Help us to continue our work and build a better future for children in Indonesia

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